16 % growth of the real estate rates in Sofia

Since the beginning of 2016 the average rates of the properties in Sofia reach 772 EUR per square meter, and 1200 EUR per square meter in the luxury segment. In the country the average rates per square meter are as follow: Varna – 726 EUR, Plovdiv – 538 EUR, Burgas – 542 EUR.


Investors are the largest part of the property sellers: 26 %. Next are the owners who want better life environment: 12 %.

Good news is, that over the half of all clients buy property until one month of the first view. But along with this, the clients make a lot of researches for short terms before buying. This means, that there are a lot of real clients.

87 % of the clients buy properties for personal use, and 13 % – for investment. Most of the properties bought for investment are 2 – bedroom flats in good buildings and neibourghoods that are given for rent after that.

The typical clients profile is: Bulgarian, on stable job in the sectors of IT, medicine, trading. Most are families with children whow want bigger homes.

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Property in the ski resorts – on focus again

As the leak of Russian clients in the Bulgarian seaside real estate market is still a problem in the sector, the situation in the winter resorts market is optimistic. For example, accordingly to the same period in 2014, the property sales in the ski resort Pamporovo in the first three months of 2015 are doubled.


Interesting fact is, that in this period 95 % of the clients are Bulgarians, as in the last year they were Russians and British. Bulgarian clients are more interested in properties in Borovetz too, where the level of deals is similar to the last year’s.

On the seaside, Russians continue to buy properties in Sozopol, Lozenetz and Burgas. In the city of Varna can be seen growing interests by clients from Italy, Belgium, Kuwait and many Bulgarians too.

For village properties most wanted are the provinces of Veliko Tarnovo and Stara Zagora. The average rate of one village house in Bulgaria is the same as the last year: 18 000 EUR.

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2014 – The buyer’s year

2014 was the best year in the real estate market since the beginning of the crisis. The market followed new wave of development, the discount of the rates stopped and many buyers returned in the market.


More and more buyers look at the property deal as a stable and sure investment. The moment is very good for the clients, as the property rates are on the level that was 10 years ago.

In Sofia the most wanted are two and three bedroom flats, and the clients insist central heating.

In 2014 the rates in Bansko continued to fall. The average rate of a flat in Bansko in 2014 is 20 100 EUR, and this is the lowest level ever. This makes the properties in Bansko available for Bulgarian clients too.

The average rate of the flats in Sunny beach is 582 EUR per square meter and there is no change accordingly to 2013 (580 EUR per square meter).

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