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Sokolski Monastery

Sokolski Monastery is located 15 kilometers Southeast from Gabrovo in area called Sokolova cave. The location and the name of its founder Yosif Sokolski give this name to the monastery. The monastery is found in 1833 by Yosif Sokolski and … Continue reading

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Eight news malls will open in 2012

A third wave of malls will come in Bulgaria in the next two years. In the next year in the country eight new malls will be open. These are: Mega MALL Lulin, Paradise center and Bulgaria MALL in Sofia, Galeria … Continue reading

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Tervel of Bulgaria

Tervel was the emperor of Bulgaria in the beginning of the 8th century. Khan Tervel belonged to the Dulo clan and reigned for 21 years. After the Bulgarian army crushed the arabs at the siege for Constantinopole (718) Tervel was … Continue reading

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