A house for sale in the village of Chernevtzi

Description of the property:
Municipality of Gabrovo
Chernevtsi village
Village in the mountains
Condition of the estate:
In good condition
Price: € 26 000
Detailed description of the estate and additional information:

Built-Up Area: 100 square metres per floor.

Number of Floors: 2

Number of Rooms and Disposition: The houses consists of two parts – a smaller house with one room and a bigger house with four rooms and a spacious veranda on the second floor. On the first floor there is a basement, two uninhabitable rooms, a corridor leading to the backyard, and an authentic and picturesque resting area.

Baths and Toilets: One outhouse; no bathroom; There is running water and electricity.

Balconies: one veranda.

Courtyard (square surface): 600 square metres

Garage: no

Number of inheritors of the estate: one

Geographic Location: The village of Chernevtzi is situated in the middle part of the Balkan Mountains, to the east of the town of Gabrovo, at the very end of the Shipka mountain pass.
The distance to Gabrovo is 13 km, to Sofia 200 km, to Varna 255 km, to Plovdiv 115 km, to Bourgas 205 km.

Additional Information: An authentic village house in a highly favoured region, in a close proximity to the “Fenerite” hotel complex in the village of Kmetovtzi, in proximity to the town of Gabrovo and to the architectural and historical reserve – the village of Bozhentzi. Calm and peaceful environment, clean air.

The veranda overlooks a picturesque garden with fruit-trees. There is both a front courtyard and a backyard. A very-well maintained asphalt road leads to the house. There is electricity, running water and a fireplace, heating two rooms. The village is surrounded by broad-leaved forests, making it an especially agreeable and suitable place for living.


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