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Emiliya Maslarova, Minister of Labour and Social Policy, was a special guest at the grand opening of the Kalupchiev’s House in Blagoevgrad, which now accommodates the Centre of education and vocational training.

The opening of the Kalupchiev’s House marks the tenth anniversary of the “Beautiful Bulgaria” project. As part of that initiative, more than 1000 sights of cultural and social importance have been restored and rejuvenated, providing 40 000 job positions to unemployed people from all across the country. The reconstruction of the Kalupchiev’s House, which used to be a museum, costs 87 670 BGN. It is one of the developments that were part of the “Beautiful Bulgaria” project.

The next to follow will be Blagoevgrad’s kindergarten No 11, Mrs. Maslarova said when interviewed after the celebration.

Later the Social Minister discussed with the Regional Governor and the Mayor of Blagoevgrad future projects in Blagoevgrad Municipality.

The “Beautiful Bulgaria” project will continue expanding the number of refurbished developments in the future, enhancing the beauty of Bulgaria’s city and rural architecture and nature resources.

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