About Bulgarian Mortgages

At the point in Bulgaria the only loan on mortgage is this with equal pay off installments – the payments on this Bulgarian loan on mortgage are being periodic from the person that take a loan. This kind of Bulgarian loan is being called plain (conventional) Home loan.

This Bulgarian loan on mortgage has the right of way that makes better planning of the family budget and that it engenders independence of the borrower by the economic crises that influence on the level of the rate interest. Do you want to choose the best offer for loan on mortgage from among over 30 Bank offers in Bulgaria? Do you want to save a time?

There is a free service, which is just for you and it is offered from many mortgage traders. Only for 10 minutes, you open the sites of the mortgage traders and fill in application for mortgage loan. After that you waiting to see, which bank will be recommend and why?

Should be all agents to offer one as well like bank in Bulgaria to you or 2-3 offers on banks, germane for you. Your trader doesn’t appreciate the mortgage loan. He takes remuneration from the Bank itself that it saves its spendings of force, offices and there is big interest of the mortgage traders. In days you will find the circumstances that are best for you, without you encircle the sites or the offices of tens of banks to get your Bulgarian mortgage loan.

If you pursue business loan against mortgage for personal or company possession can prove itself, that Kreditex is only option for you.

These are the case in that you can receive a mortgage loan:

  • You are a businessman and you need a long term resource and you want to take a mortgage loan in Bulgaria to buy a machine for your business or a new a production room.
  • You are a lawyer, architect, dentist, consultant etc.
  • If you have earnings and despite this you can not profit from them.

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