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The region of Dobrich is located in North-eastern Bulgaria. It covers part of the Danubian plain and the area called Dobrudzha. Varna and Shoumen regions are situated to the south and south-west, while Silistra province neighbors the Dobrich region to the north-west. The limits of Dobrich district also coincide with the state’s border between Bulgaria and Serbia, while to the east it meets the waters of the Black sea.

The region can be described as rural with flat hills and wide, even valleys. Compared to other Bulgarian provinces, Dobrich is not as rich in water resources as the other ones. The small lagoon lakes of Shabla and Durankulak are of utmost importance to the region, as they are an important nestling place for many birds. The Shabla lake is also one of the few places where the yellow-pond and water lilies grow. Climate is moderate, continental with usually dry summers and snowy winters.

The town of Dobrich is not only the administrative centre of the province, but is also the main agricultural centre for the whole northern part of Bulgaria. It is located approximately 30 km east of the Black sea coast and about 500 km away from Sofia. It is also the eighth most populated town in the country. The province consists of 8 municipalities – Balchik, Dobrich, General Toshevo, Kavarna, Krushari, Tervel, Shabla. Just as many Bulgarians towns, Dobrich has an ‘old district’ of renaissance buildings located in the very heart of the city.

It is believed that the first settlements in the area have been established during the 2nd-4th century BC. Numerous ruins and necropolis have been discovered not only all across the region, but also in the town centre of Dobrich.

Throughout the centuries, the area has developed as a handicraft and agricultural centre popular for the leather, woolen and coppersmith products and the production of wheat, rye, barley, oats, and linseed. After the liberation of the town from the Ottoman Empire in 1878, the town of Dobrich was named after a medieval ruler Dobrotitsa. The whole Southern Dobrudzha was transferred under Romanian rule after the Balkan Wars and remained until 1940. Until September 19th 1990 the town bore the name Tolbuchin, a Russian military commander.

The Dobrich region is well developed economically in the fields of industry, construction, agriculture, trade and tourism. Some of Bulgaria`s largest companies in the food processing, clothing and footwear, car battery and high voltage equipment industries are based here, partly because of the region`s highly skilled workforce.

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