About Which Bulgarian Properties company

We at Which Bulgarian Properties are a United Kingdom based company who own property in Bulgaria. After visiting Pomerie a few years ago and being taken by the unspoilt beauty of Bulgaria we decided to buy our own dream home.

Although we loved the black sea coast we decided to take a look at the lakes and mountains around Sofia. And after seeing these areas we decided this is where we wanted to own our home. The house we purchased is about 1 hour from Sofia.

It was our own buying process that prompted us to set up our company. After experiencing problems registering our company and being let down on our renovation we decided that we could offer this service without causing the client the distress we endured. And that we will keep to the promises that we make.

Fees and other cost

Our commissions are shared with our Bulgarian properties partners and are included in the price of the property. We will try to give an idea of what the total cost will be on each property including legal fees, taxes, and commission.

Company registration

Our lawyer charges appx 610 euro for setting up the ltd company. This is done at cost and we make no profit from this. Other than commission the other cost are for the transfer, notary, and municipal fees appx 6% of declared value.

Best regards: Which Bulgarian Properties

About Bulgarian Properties

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