Agricultural land market – third strong year

Three – four days: yes, in these terms you can sell good farmlands in Bulgaria. The past two years of very good harvest and high rates on the wheat market raised the the agricultural land deals.

In the last year were made deals for 500 millions leva, and 1500 square kilometers of farmlands changed their owners. The rise of the rates is 20 %. This is a record in the farmland trade since the beginning of the 90’s, when the lands were returned to their owners. In this year the trade is still strong, and the rates charged a little bit again. The big farmers had aggressive buying politic for farmlands in the winter too.

The agricultural land’s rates depend by the harvest in the area of Black sea. In the last two years the production, especially of corn was very good, so these rates grew up. In this year the big producers like Ukraine and Kazakhstan will determinate the rates of the corn, ind this will influence the rate of the farmland in Bulgaria.

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