Aleko high-mountain ski-centre in Vitosha

The high-mountain recreation complex and ski-centre in the nearest to Sofia mountain of Vitosha, bears the name of the remarkable writer and mountaineer Aleko Konstantinov. The location is situated within close reach beneath Mt Malak Rezen, altitude 1810 m above sea level, providing excellent setting for winter sports.

The steep slope of Stenata has long ago turned into a natural ski-piste fitted with ski lifts, a few chair lifts and other servicing facilities to make your holidaymaking an unforgettable experience. The Aleko hut can offer hikers and skiers some 90 beds. Further opportunities for one- or more stays overnight are available at the near-by hotels like Prostor (three stars), Aglika (three stars), Moreni (two stars) with multiple restaurants, shops and pavilions around.

Local mountain rescue service will be at your immediate disposal, if need be in a contingency. The mountain resort is a suitable kick-off point for hiking ventures to Mt Cherni Vrakh (1 hour 30 min on foot, southward), while using the chair lift to Mt Malak Rezen, will take you just about 40 minutes to reach the target.

If you’re staying in Sofia, and the ultimate target in your plan for the day is Aleko, then best suited, as an outset point for the hiking tour, would be the suburban village of Dragalevtsi (bus services to Dragalevtsi start from Hladilnika terminus). A traverse from Aleko to Zlatni Mostove via Bor and Tintyava huts will require 2-3 hours moderate pace and effort.

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