Army estates for sale

The Bulgarian ministry of defense offers more army real estates for sale in the whole country, was announced by the government. The terrains are big, and there are buildings on some of them. The decision is made because the ministry of defense and the Bulgarian army do not need these properties anymore.

Only the tax evaluation is available for now, the auction procedures will be published in the next months. The army terrains and buildings are located in or near province centers – Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech, Rousse, Haskovo and Karjali.

The situation is, that for some of the properties there are good chances for good rates, but for other there is no chance to be sold for more than the tax evaluation. Two of the properties are located in Veliko Tarnovo, two in Karjali, three in Haskovo and the surroundings, one is in Lovech and one – in Rousse.

The property in Veliko Tarnovo most – likely is part of the military university Vassil Levski. This is located at the West entrance of the town, where is built the Metro store and a lot of new buildings. The evaluation of the one real estate is 920 thousand BGN, for the other is around 3 million BGN.

In Haskovo the situation is pessimistic. The areas where the properties are located are not attractive and eventual deals most – likely will be done under the tax evaluation. In Karjali the advantage is the big area of the properties – but there will be some interest only if it is some agriculture land.

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