Arrival and Accommodation in Bulgaria

Fairly good opportunities for accommodation of foreign visitors have been provided in the country. The system of star ratings is applied to hotels, as five-, four-, three -, two- and one star hotels offer double rooms on prices from $220-250 down to $25-30, accordingly, while for a single room you’d be charged from around $180 down to $15, again depending on the star rating.

Prices at hotels widely vary and are also determined by the current season, geographic location and the quality of services, provided by the particular hotel. It’d be not only wise, or desirable, but often also indispensable for foreign visitors to make advance reservations by phone, fax or E-mail, and this particularly applies to those who plan to stay overnight somewhere at the seaside resorts, in which case this is just as well to do so well in advance.

Moreover, foreign holidaymakers can take advantage of the fairly decent accommodation services available in multiple smaller, private-run hotels, and on considerably lower prices, at that. Another chance to rely upon for accommodation at the height of the season is also provided in the tourist centers and resorts, specifically at the seaside, in a number of private lodgings or rooms. Private rooms are offered at appropriate private lodgings bureaus and tourist offices on acceptable prices and quality of servicing.

Sufficient amount of motels, campsites and bungalows are to be found alongside the main highways of the country, particularly if the Black sea coastline is considered, and the pricing is quite different and vary in strong dependence of season and quality of services offered on spot.

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