Bansko meets hundreds of tourists

Many tourists from Israel, Greece, UK and Russia decided to spend the Christmas and New Year feasts in Bansko. The Bulgarian winter resort suggested to the tourist snow cover reaching over one meter, which allowed the opening of almost all ski tracks.

Bansko attracts the tourists with the perfect maintaining of the ski tracks – there are 75 kilometers of professionally prepared and secured tracks that the tourists can use. The interest to this ski resort grows because of the World cup of ski competition too.

The avalange danger is reduced by two new machines for removal of piled snow. Riding of ski or snowboard outside of the allowed areas is strictly forbidden. The advices for the tourists by the mountain lifeguards are: to go to the tracks with good mountain clothes and equipment, to respect all signs and marks, to have cell phone with charged battery and to have mountain insurance.

Bansko is located 150 kilometers South of the capital Sofia and can be easy reached with car from Greece, FYROM, Serbia, Romania, or by the Sofia airport.

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