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Bulgarian Properties network is offering to share our success and experience with you. We are offering two levels of partnership. At either level you will only be involved with marketing the Bulgarian properties and developments from our database and we will be organizing everything related to the purchase – meeting and showing the clients the properties of their choice in Bulgaria, looking after all the legal side of the purchase and updating you and/or your clients about the progress. What you can expect from us is:

1. Up to 4% commission for newly build and off-plan developments and minimum of €650 commission for resale properties through the Bulgarian Properties network. This is up to 75% of the commission we are negotiating and receiving from vendors and developers. Commission is paid with payment of deposit and/or signing a contract of purchase in case of off-plan development.

2. Free limited company set up for all your clients (package worth up to €800). In case for limited company arranged without clients traveling to Bulgaria, costs associated with processing documents here in the UK only are paid (usually directly to the institutions involved). Full support, instructions and forms are supplied through the whole process.

3. We have the responsibility of showing clients all properties featured on the Bulgarian Properties network. Clients do not pay any charges and will be accompanied by an English speaking agent. We can provide help with travel arrangements, however we do not offer viewing trips. Clients make their own travel arrangements.

4. Once deposit is paid we will follow through and update you on the progress until completion.

5. We are also offering property management packages for most Bulgarian properties. Please check with us if the property in question is in the area where we can support and manage. We can also arrange all building work – from the odd small job to full restoration and renovation projects for you clients.

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