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Best Bulgarian Properties Ltd. is a limited company, registered in the Republic of Bulgaria in 2005 with bulstat: 131519624, with headquarter and address of management – Sofia, Alexander Stamboliiski Blvd., 74. The company has an office in the city of Bourgas with address: Bourgas, Shar Planina Str. 34, Ap1. Manager of the company is Zlatka Georgieva.

The official and the main website of the company is, which at present keeps leading positions in the most popular search engines on the net. We have established and are developing a Russian website – Our company is presented in many printed editions such as maps, magazines, tourist guides and brochures, among which are the maps of Bulgaria, Sofia, Varna and others, the magazines Living Abroad, Homes in the Sun, Cadogan Guide of the Sunday Times- “Buying a property in Bulgaria” and many others.

From the very beginning the company is working and specializing in all scopes of the real estate market in Bulgaria. The company offers all services that are part of the process of buying a property in Bulgaria. Most of our customers are not Bulgarian citizens and in relation with this we provide all legal advises necessary during the process of buying a Bulgarian property, including company registration and annual accounting for your Bulgarian company.

The whole process of buying a property in Bulgaria is managed and observed by our experienced and reputable solicitors. We make considerable efforts so that our customers could be well informed so that their choice of property would be profitable. We are trying to understand and accommodate the individual needs of every potential buyer for this purpose we diligently prepare every viewing trip by providing the optimal choice of properties and complete information about the seller and the history of the properties that we are offering.

The connection of Best Bulgarian Properties Ltd. with the customer is not only buying the property – it establishes the beginning. In our experience we have hundreds of successfully completed property deals and we are proud with our list of happy customers.

We follow the trends on the real estate market in Bulgaria which makes us very flexible in our strategies and decisions. Our staff consists mostly of young people who are very well educated and highly motivated.

Best Bulgarian Properties Ltd. has working offices and representatives in the UK, Irelend, Netherlands, Russia and Lebanon. We have a well established network of brokers in all regions of Bulgaria, as a result of this we have very rich database of hot offers. The main target is to know the potential of every property that we are offering so that you could feel secure in our hands.

Considering the specific moment, in which is the real estate market in relation to the world financial crisis, we are trying to keep tight communication with the Bulgarian property developers and investors in order to achieve the best result between the demanded and the offered product on an adequate price. Due to the long cooperation and the well established relations with the Bulgarian developers and investors in the real estate sector we are 100% sure that our customers will pay the best price for the property that they are buying.

We will be happy if you use Best Bulgarian Properties Ltd., because our reputation are our customers – You!

Regards: Zlatka Georgieva

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