Better market for luxury real estates

The deals with luxury properties are stabilizing and the searching is for houses on rate between 400 000 and 600 000 EUR and big flats on rate up to 350 000 EUR, shows a research through the real estate agencies. Since the beginning of 2011 the movement of the rates of luxury properties in the country is weak – about 5 %. However, the discount in the last three years is 20 – 30 %.

The buyers just don’t want to give more than 1200 EUR per square meter. Because of this the properties are offered on unreal high prices which fall down after negotiations. The final rate can be 40 % lower than the offered one.

Most wanted are the big flats with three bedrooms and area over 200 square meters, and also houses with big yards. Because of the enormous charging of the rates by the buyers many properties stay unused and after that discount.

Marked as luxury properties are offered mainly in Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv. The most expensive places for living in Sofia are the areas of Doktorska gradina, Iztok, Ivan Vazov, around the South park and the American embassy. In Varna most popular are the areas Evxinograd, Svety Nikola and around the Sea garden.

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