Botev peak

Botev is the highest peak in the Balkan mountains with 2376 meters above sea level height. It is located in Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv province. Until 1950, when it was renamed in honor of Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev, the peak was called Yumrukchal.

The peak is located in Central Balkan mountains, near the towns of Karlovo and Kalofer. It is a large meadow over a granite basis, suffering from strong erosion due to the large building works and a lot of cables in the ground. On the peak there is a weather station and TV tower that covers with tv and radio broadcasting over 65 % of the Bulgarian territory.

The shortest route to the peak is through the Southern ridge of the mountain, from Ray hut. The climbing takes 2.5 – 3 hours, and includes the so called “Path of Tarzan”

Another possibilities for climbing are from Pleven hut (3.5 – 4 hours) , from Tazha hut (4.5 – 5 hours) and from Vassil Levski hut (3.5 – 4 hours).

From west there is a route to the peak that begins from Dobrila hut and follows the ridge of the mountain. The extend of hardness of the route is IV B. This route is not recommended for the winter because of risks of avalanches. In moments of good weather and good visibility (this happens rare there) this route offers amazing views to Northern and Southern Bulgaria.

Botev peak is part of the tourist route Kom – Emine which is the final part of the international tourist route E3.

The southern hillsides are very sloped, on some places with vertical rocks useful for climbing. In the area of these rocks is located the highest waterfall in Bulgaria and on the Balkans – Raysko Praskalo, with height 124.5 meters. The waterfall is constantly supplied with water from the snow-drifts under the hill.

Botev peak is located in the area of Djendema national reserve, and there are unique flora spices, living only in the area of this reserve.

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