Boyana church

Boyana church is middle age church in the Sofia living quarter Boyana, located in the foot of Vitosha mountain. It is one of the cultural symbols of Bulgaria, and in the year of 1979 is included in the UNESCO world heritage list as number 49. The church is branch of the national museum of history since 2003.

The temple is two – floor type. The down floor is used as a tomb, the upper one – as chapel. The church is built in several stages. The first one is in the end of the tenth and the beginning of the eleventh century, when is built small building with cross – looking facade. The second stage is the building of the main part in 13th century during the Second Bulgarian kingdom. The third stage is in the 19th century, after the liberation, when the inhabitants of Boyana finish the church with their own funds.

The frescoes in the church are from different periods too: 11th – 12th century,the year of 1259 (the most valuable ones) , 14th century, 16th – 17th century and the 19th century. Exclusively valuable are the frescoes from 1259th year from the so called “Boyanski maistor” (master from Boyana) and his group of medieval painters.

The church is among the 100 national tourist objects of Bulgaria. It is near Sofia and can be reached with bus number 64. The visitors can use discount if buy double ticket for the church and the National museum of history.

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