Bozhentci – moving to the past

Bozhentci is a village in Central Northern Bulgaria, near the administrative center Gabrovo. It is well known in the country as amazing piece of preserved history, nature and calmness. The village history dates from about 600 years ago, the legend says that in these times a woman called Bozhana escaped from the ruined from the Ottoman troops capital Veliko Tarnovo, and like many other people found cover in the mountain, in this beautiful place.

Located near ancient Roman road, in the end of the 19 – th century the village has 110 houses and about 500 inhabitants, exports goods like leather, bee wax and honey to many countries, and is important crossroad for trading. After the industrial revolution the village declines and the inhabitants relocate to another places. Now it has a status of architectural reserve and thousands of visitors come to see the unique architecture, to feel the history and to enjoy the clean air and nature.

The village is located near the main road from Gabrovo to Veliko Tarnovo. There are a lot of possibilities for tourism: mountain biking, rock climbing, many traditional restaurants and houses for renting. In the surroundings you can find some modern hotels too. There are good offers for real estates in the area: for renting or buying.

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