Building Ecologically on Bulgarian properties

Build Green Conference will be held on April 23-24 in Romanian capital Bucharest. The conference’s theme will be “Energy Efficient and Ecological Design”. More than 250 investors, real estate consultants, high-profile officials and representatives of service and technology companies and research institutions and non-governmental organizatios are expected to attend theconference.

At the conference, participants will present new methods to construct environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings. According to the organizors and participants, the event is expected to meet the need of new information about building ecologically and energy adequate properties.

They also commented on the growing importance of introducing such methods in the environment of rising prices of real estates in South-Eastern Europe. This has already been done in Western Europe, where energy-efficient builings favor not only large interest but also low-cost maintenance.

The conference will also focus on possible financing of “green” properties and Bulgarian properties, available innovations and methods in green design and planning and renewable energy for buildings. Participants will also discuss and acknowledge visitors the latest upgrades in green urban planning and construction.

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