Bulgaria – Land and cultural heritage (Part 4)

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In the western part of Europe the elite wrote, talked and thought the Hellenic language spread in the east. It is indicative that the new writing, called “Cyrillic alphabet”, gained ground, bloomed and became extremely fruitful right in the Bulgarian lands: it is official for the Bulgarian church and state since 893.

The scholar of Curilus and Methodius St. Clement of Ochrid created the so called School of Ochrid, where he managed to teach “3500” students within 10 years. This number gives a hint of only part of measure of the Bulgarian educational program, which was realised by Tsar Simeon “the Great” (893-927).

Through the following centuries Bulgarians stuck to their Faith and kept on raising, decorating and endowing churches and monasteries.

Fusing millennial traditions, Bulgarian lands offer nowadays the exceptional chance of seeing many unique monuments in museums, galleries and on the terrain. Nine of them have been inserted by UNESCO to the List of the World-wide cultural and environmental heritage.

With its 3 national and 10 natural parks, 90 reserves and over 500 natural landmarks, which cover 5.1% of the land territory, Bulgaria takes the third place in Europe in the total area of the protected places.

With its great variety of natural and cultural landmarks and widely developed system of tourist complexes, Bulgaria (“The land of spirit” as acad. Dmitriy Lichachov called Bulgaria on account of its mission to civilize the Slavic world in the Middle Ages) offers nowadays conveniences to everyone, who has decided to become acquainted with its amazing land and millennial culture.

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