Bulgaria – Land and cultural heritage (Part 1)

It seems as if Bulgaria has been blessed to offer plenty of everything needed for the development of life, economy and culture. More than 500 rivers flow through the territory of Bulgaria – about 110 000 sq. km – there are about 400 lakes and over 500 natural mineral springs (not counting the over 370 thermal drilling water sources) with temperatures between 8oC and 103.5oC gush from its womb.

The way in which plaints , lowlands, mountains and natural resources alternate is one of the prime causes for the appearance of the most ancient European prehistoric dwelling in the “Kozarnika” cave near the town of Belogradchik (district Vidin) as far back as 1 400 000 – 1 200 000 years ago.

Over 2500 prehistoric settlements were established here during the period 8th – 5th millennium BC, offering information for the advent and development of the Neolithic (Early Stone) and Eneolithic (Copper-Stone) civilization models. Again here as far back as the 6th millennium BC salt was “industrially” extracted near Provadia, in the 5th millennium BC the first copper mine in the world was developed near Stara Zagora, as well as the gold mine “Rani list” in the Rhodopes.

As far back as 7000 years ago the so called pinthaderes (stamps) were created: they represent the earliest protowriting or writing and certify a rather advanced symbolic thought. The “royal-sacerdotal” institute also come into existence, which is characterized with the first golden scepters in the world that were found in the “Golden necropolis of Varna”.

The first big sanctuaries were also built here, the impressibility and abundance of which are the mark of this land in the following ages as well. The rich idol plastic demonstrates the appearance and development of cults of many anthropomorphic Gods and Goddesses and the first big sacral complexes of the type of “Perperikon” and “Belin-tash” were built in the Rhodopes in the 5th millennium BC, being Sacred places in the next millennia as well.

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