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Renovation costs in Bulgaria, if properly organised and administered can be very cheap compared to the UK, which is another reason to consider buying an old house and renovating it. When you contract a company to complete your whole renovation project, cost can vary from €50 to €100/sq.m. depending on the level of work required. Therefore for the average two bedroom house of 100 sq.m. you are looking at €5,000 to €20,000.

If you decide to manage the project yourself you can save a lot on the renovation costs. A new roof for example will cost you between €2,000 to €2,500, that is including all work and materials. Bathrooms costs can vary significantly, depending on quality and design of tiles and fittings, however installation of a decent new bathroom would cost you around €2,000 and probably the same amount will be sufficient for a new kitchen (excluding appliances). In Bulgaria, because the market is fragment and immature, you do have a much greater choice of bathroom and kitchen fittings, tiles and appliances, including the most luxurious fittings with electronic sensors and movie-style thrills and bells.

You can expect the same variety and prices of laminated floors, however real wood floors and parquets are much cheaper than in the UK with prices about the same as the most expensive laminated floors. Managing your renovation project will require however, some communication skills and probably an interpreter in order to get the level of service you expect. It’s a good idea to have a Bulgarian to negotiate prices for you, since it’s a common practice to overcharge foreigners.

We have been working with a number of builders, project manager and designers and you can have an estimate about the level of work required, before making any commitments.

You can expect all country houses to have water and electricity. If not that should be specified when advertising. Most small villages though will not have a sewage system, some can have septic tanks. Sometimes there are exceptions, though. Last year I found that the Pirin mountain villages of Leshten and Kovachevica had stone build sewage systems since late 18 century, which is unbelievable considering how beautifully medieval these villages still look nowadays.

Bulgarian Properties has a team of builders who are capable of carrying out a wide range of building jobs – from the small repairs to a full-scale renovation projects, involving structural changes, new roofs, plumbing and electricity work and landscape design and maintenance. Upon your request, a member of the building team can view a particular property of your choice and give you an estimate about the costs and timing involved with your renovation project and/or building work.

If any building work is contracted through Bulgarian Properties, after signing a contract, we will keep you updated and send you images of the work progress on a weekly basis.

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