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Welcome on the web site of the Bulgaria Property Guide. Make by the attempt that was amassed in the only competitive market for Bulgarian Properties, the competence and the ability of work with clients, we decided and made Bulgaria Property Guide.

We offer you actual and the best information for rent and sale of the Bulgarian Properties. This information comes from the database of the Bulgaria Property Guide. So we can be in your help – the clients that are finding in the market chaos and together to find the best that you search.

Here in Bulgaria Property Guide you will find more information for sail, rent and management of the Bulgarian Properties. We hope that we could be help. The Bulgaria Property Guide is creating in circumstances of stiff competition as is the market of the Bulgarian Property.

The objects in Bulgaria Property Guide are showed with lot of picture material and entire description. The publishing of new offers is completely free and there is no limit for the number and the size of the pictures. The section of the Bulgaria Property Guide – rents contains offers for rent of apartments and houses, offices etc. You can find information for the approximately prices of the Property and the manner of work of Bulgaria Property Guide with the clients.

About Bulgarian Properties

Blog for cheap Bulgarian properties and houses for sale. Information how to buy property in Bulgaria and how to manage them. Free stories and tutorials.
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