Bulgaria – the cheapest tourist destination

Bulgaria is the cheapest European tourist destination. That was announced by the British “Post Office” company, quoted by the “Daily Mail” and “Independent”.

Thailand, South Africa and Egypt, however, are far cheaper than the countries in the EU.
Post Office has conducted a comparative research of ten of the most purchased articles by tourists.

The research included anything of everyday importance – from a bottle of coke to a souvenirs. The results showed that Thailand is the cheapest, followed by South Africa, and Egypt. In Australia, on the other hand, one will pay double for the same articles.

According to the survey, the cheapest European destination is Bulgaria, where one can buy the ten-article package for approximately 50 pounds. Bulgaria is followed by Turkey, where the package costs a little more than 52 pounds.

According to company’s last year survey, USA have been the most expensive destination. This year, however, US are the seventh cheapest among all countries included in the research. A bottle of coke is estimated at 1,60 pounds, while in France one have to pay almost 3 pounds for it.

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