Bulgaria – the outsourcing opportunities.

Bulgaria presents more and more often in international ratings as attractive country for outsourcing of services. Not long ago the hired by the country consultants from Deloitte recommended the country to focus on three perspective spheres for attracting of foreign investors, and one of them is the outsourcing of business processes.

The Bulgarian debut

The three most – often outsourcing to Bulgaria activities in the services area at this point are: data processing, service of foreign customers from call centers and software making. Not long ago was announced the biggest at this moment of foreign investor – Hewlett Packard, for building of global center for customer’ s service with more than 1000 employees. In fact the investment of the IT company is not a direct outsourcing (when the external activity is delegated from one company to another), but is more like offshore (when one company choses another country to start own business). With the both types export of services Bulgaria earns the same benefits: the country attracts business in the competition of India, China and countries from Eastern Europe. “At this moment the employees of the outsource companies are 500 persons, and these in the offshore companies are 1500” says a boss of a company for business services. There is no official data for the business services outsourced to Bulgaria. The companies in these segment are multiplying constantly, the interest from outside of country is growing too.

Why here and why now

The competition between the countries is very strong from year and Bulgaria is not between the leaders, but accordingly to some international researches the country has a lot of potential for serious participation in such projects. The companies already invested here explain that Bulgaria is attractive for outsourcing and offshore because the country is close to Western Europe, the labor payment is low, and there are well trained employees, especially with language skills. Most of the new members of EU already received such investments, but they now are less attractive because of the charging of the labor costs, so now Bulgaria and Romania are in the game.

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