Bulgarian properties in Velingrad

Prices of residential space and land plots in Velingrad / Bulgaria has raised signifficantly for the last year. Bulgarian Properties developers are showing strong interest in constructing residential buildings and hotels, which have led to a signifficant expansion of the market of rural and forestry land plots.

Up to the current day, the average price of an agricultural Bulgarian property is 15 Euro/sq.m, compared to prices of Januray 2007 when rural land was purchased at around 15 leva/sq.m. It has also been reported that on certain occasions this year, the price per squared meter has even reached as much as 120 Euro.

Amendments in the town’s architectural plan are currently being considered by the local administration.
The residential complexes are expected to extend in the direction of the towns of Pazardzhik and Draginovo. An 18-hole golf course will be constructed near the dam.

The most exclusive Bulgarian properties, with price range between 1 100 Euro/sq.m and 1 250 Euro/sq.m, are expected to be the five-storey buildings situated on the outskirts of Velingrad, only 700 m from Kleptuza Lake.

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