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Bulgarian Properties is a newly formed company buying and selling houses, properties and land in a very popular area of Bulgaria. Based in the General Toshevo area, we currently specialize in selling Bulgarian properties in this region which benefits from being near the Black Sea, in places such as Albena, Balchik and Kavarna. National Parks such as Kaliakra and Shabla and as much open country side and charming villages that you could wish for. By concentrating our activities in a particular area of Bulgaria, we have the advantage of knowing the area well (we also live in the area) and knowing the vendors, many of whom are also our Bulgarian friends and neighbours. The area also has the benefit of being close to the airport at Varna.

The staff at Bulgarian Properties try and give a true picture of the Bulgarian properties they sell, and will answer any questions you may have honestly. Also, unlike many Real Estate Agents operating in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Properties, advertise properties at the price stipulated by the vendor, we do not increase the sale price for our own profit nor do we charge the vendor for our services, whilst other agents charge a minimum of 3% and often considerably more. The outcome of this practice is that the buyer of a property from our company pays all of the charges due to the agent. Deciding to follow such a policy means that our commission is higher than most. However, taking in to account the factors mentioned above, we believe the overall costs of purchasing a property from Bulgarian Properties are competitive.

We are happy to advertise our commission rates, which are 10% of the purchase price of the property, but not less than 1,000 Euros. Our commission is payable at the preliminary contract stage.

The majority of people who are buying property in Bulgaria are either looking to buy a holiday homes or a permanent home with a view to relocating to Bulgaria. Also, as an increasing number of investors are realizing, Bulgaria offers better value for money than many other European destinations and are simply buying property with a view to making a capital gain in the short or long term. This increased activity, along with increasing tourist numbers, the promise of low cost flights in 2006 and EU entry likely in 2007/8 is steadily pushing prices higher.

* Please be aware that less expensive Bulgarian properties will require work to bring them up to standard, and usually the cheaper the property the more work will be required. This needs to be borne in mind when looking for you Bulgarian home and the implications on your budget.

Bulgarian Properties can, in your absence project manage the building/repair work you arrange for you new home. We can also provide information about other services, such as building companies and translation work and legal services. All necessary services when buying property in Bulgaria. Although we do not employ our own builders, we can recommend companies that in our opinion are reliable, trustworthy and carry out quality work, at reasonable prices (all of which are very important as most home buyers are absent during the building process). Examples of work carried out by these companies can be viewed so you can see for yourself the finished product.

We are also provide a property management service, a useful service that will maintain your home in your absence and provide you with a warm welcome when you return to begin your holiday.

Increasingly, people are interested in buying land. At Bulgarian Properties we are constantly looking for quality land for sale at reasonable prices both on and away from the coast, we are currently looking into to all the options available for land buyers to build their dream homes, or for the serious investor wishing to develop on a larger scale.

Bulgarian Properties are continuously building up our property and land portfolio to enable us to offer you the widest choice, and of course, at a range of prices to suit your budget. If you are looking for something specific or you have any questions please go to the contacts page and get in touch, we are waiting to hear from you.

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