Bulgarian real estate TOP 100 sites (chart)

Brefy (Bulgarian Real Estate For You) chart takes better and better positions and rank in Google. Its idea is integration of as many quality real estate websites in Bulgaria as possible and making a thematical group of them. Every website by its link contributes better position for all of the rest websites at the classification.

By this group every website indirectly links the rest of the websites and gives them its rank. What it is specifically in that case is that the group which we pursuit to form has a definite subject – the real estates in Bulgaria (Bulgarian Properties). Google likes similar groups and estimates every of the websites in a given group. All listed sites gain!

Any of the certain websites takes a higher position and page rank from the rest of the users depending on the visitors it has. Furthermore every new user even in case it has not its link on the website it can be submitted by a description which gives the classification a unique text by the definite subject. The registration in this real estate chart is free.

To develop the project will give three free links from the footer of the website together with a text according to user’s choice. The links appear on all the pages of the classification. The text from the user’s link associates with user’s website and makes the classification better in the SEOs. This gift is for TOP3 sites in our chart.

We accept only websites by the definite subject related to real estates in Bulgaria. For consumers who are looking for real estates in Bulgaria, this is a useful catalog. For sellers of Bulgarian properties, this is a good opportunity to promote your business and find reliable clients. Visit the largest Bulgarian properties chart at brefy.com

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