Bulgarian waste-water systems to be modernized

The Minister of Environment and Water Resources appealed once again to Varna Municipality to hand in their project for modernizing and expanding the waste-water refinery in Golden Sands Resort.
Projects for over one billion leva have been submitted so far by the local administrations from all across the country. However, two of the strategic waste-water stations – those covering the resorts of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, have been delayed.

The Eco-Minister once again reminded holiday investors to think in long-term perspective when they execute their projects. He highlighted that Bulgaria is one of the few countries in Europe to have such wide biodiversity and nature resources are the key for a successful and profitable hospitality industry. He also stressed that preserving Bulgaria’s nature will eventually lead to a change of target tourist groups. Providing clean environment will bring another type of tourists – people with high value for nature, with higher expectations and standards.

The Environmental Ministry is in charge with constructing and re-constructing the waste-water stations along the Black sea coast. This is expected to bring the qualities of the sea water to a higher standard. A total of 220 million euros have been secured only for the stations along the sea. Funds are available, but the municipalities do not appear to be active and initiative enough, as the Minister said.

These projects are also of utmost importance to the less developed tourist areas such as Hisar and Vurshets, popular balneological and spa areas among Bulgarians, but with poor international recognition. The new waste-recycling campaign is also a major initiative started by the Ministry. A total of 55 regional recycling depots must be constructed, 21 of which must be started as soon as possible. By next summer Bulgaria must give real proof to the EU that work is being done. Only then the authorities will state specific deadlines for completing the projects.

On May 30th at the Environmental Ministry were submitted projects for 1.4 billion leva, though the expected total amount was around 730 million leva. Only 13 of all 113 applications were handed earlier. The rest were handed the last day.

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