Buying holiday property in Bulgaria

If you need to spend your holiday on a beautiful place in a beautiful country, to feel calmed and relaxed, Bulgaria is just the right for you.

Many tourists from Bulgaria and abroad choose to spend their holiday on the Black sea coast in Bulgaria! There are one of the best sea resorts and the most charming isolated places.

Now, with our help you can buy a holiday property on cheap price in Bulgaria and stay here for your holiday.

It is cheap and smart! Bulgarian sea views and atmosphere are unforgettable! Make sure of that yourself!

Bulgarian rural countryside is also really good to spend your holiday. You can see how Bulgarians lived many years ago in the ethnographical museums or while enjoying rural tourism, that recentlu has become one of the most popular attractions in Bulgaria.

If you are a keen fisherman you can buy a property near a dam, a lake, a river, so that you can, bothered by nobody, practice your favorite hobby.

Bulgaria also has beautiful mountains with lovely holiday ski resorts. Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo are waiting for you to visit them. Numerous tourists have choosed to spend the holidays enjoying skiing and the great number of attractions there. If you dislike crowds you can buy a property near some of the ski resorts using the attractive places to feel yourself calmed and relaxed, and in the same time there will be enough distance from the resorts so that nobody bothers you.

Holiday properties in Bulgaria is what we offer you here. The catalogue includes all kinds of holiday properties throughout Bulgaria! Do not hesitate! Take the chance!

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  1. John T Davis says:

    I am looking for an appartment in a Managed facility, with Swimming Pool, Restaurant, beside Town or Village, with Air Conditioning Security etc., as an occasional holiday home, with two bedrooms. As part of a Hotel Complex would be nice but not conditional.

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