Buying process of property in Bulgaria

Process of buying Bulgarian properties from Sunny Bulgarian Properties Ltd.:

1. process start
We can carry out a search on your behalf using your requirements. Or you are welcome to visit our office where we can show you all the information required to purchase property in Bulgaria.

2. finance
Most people purchasing property in Bulgaria either invest their savings or remortgage their United Kingdom property releasing some of the equity. Mortgages are now available to property buyers in Bulgaria.

3. finding your home
When you have done your research it is advisable to arrange a visit to Bulgaria. We do not advise anybody to buy unseen. We can arrange all the viewings for you while you are in Bulgaria using our fully experienced partners. When you find the Bulgarian property of your dreams a preliminary contract is drawn up and a 10% deposit is required.

4. legalities
Our lawyers will do all the relevant checks to see that there are no loans, debts, or disputes. If everything is ok then a contract of sale is prepared. Please note if land is included in the sale then a ltd company has to be formed. Again our lawyers can do this for you.

5. completion
The documents and title deeds are then presented to the Bulgarian notary. They are then checked and notarized. The municipal, taxes and notary fees are then paid along with the balance of the property. The deeds are then transferred to the buyer. The ownership is then registered on the Bulgarian property register. You are then the proud owners of your own home in Bulgaria.

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