Company for transport from and to Bulgaria

A Bulgarian transport company for international transport, forwarding services; international spedition, truck and cargo agent on all destinations between Bulgaria and Europe – Bulgarian Truck Transport Company, presenting over ten years on the transport market and the freights to and from Bulgaria.

We suggest weekly fast and safe low cost freight truck transport on one or both sides of cargos on the main European destinations and truck transport routes: Bulgaria- UK (England, Scotland, Wales), Bulgaria- Spain, Bulgaria- Germany, Bulgaria- Netherlands, Bulgaria- France, Bulgaria- Italy; Bulgaria- Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia; Bulgaria- Austria, Bulgaria- Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and all countries on these destinations.

Our company operates with different vehicles, also with some transport and forwarding companies, so we can perform a transport even to not so popular destinations.

Never mind if you have a big or small load; we’ll help you with the transportation anywhere in Europe and Bulgaria.

The continuous monitoring of our vehicles assures your comfort and on- time information about your load in every point of the route. All freights moved by our vehicles have Cargo insurance.

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    We need a quotation for transport from Sofia,BG- Bucharest,RO.
    We have 9 euro pallets with non-alcoholic beverages total weight of cargo is 7700kg.
    Best Regards

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