Construction works in Sunny Beach to stop

Hotel owners and managers from Sunny beach has demanded the construction works in the complex to be banned as of May 1. The first tourists will arrive on May 2 and therefore a relaxed, calm and comfortable atmosphere must be provided.

All digging machinery, heavy-freight trucks and any building garbage must be taken out of the resort by the end of April, claimed hospitality representatives. The request for a ban was submitted at the municipal administration to the office of Nessebar mayor Nikolai Dimitrov.

Furthermore, today the airport management must announce how tourists will be transported to the Sunny beach resort.

In the meantime, Bourgas Police Department intends to send additional police officers for the summer season in order to ensure the safety in the area.

The problem with illegal temporary constructions in Sunny beach, however is still a major issue. According to the Association of Owners in Sunny beach, over 80% of these buildings do not have permissions. The rest, on the other hand, may have the necessary legal permissions, but have exceeded their limit.Being allowed to build a 20 sq.m pavilions, they construct on 200 sq.m instead.

Hotel and restaurant owners are helpless in the fight with such competitors. They also reminded that it is a state’s job to protect investors in such cases. Since the state’s administration issues all the building permissions and demolishing orders, they should also be in charge for keeping track of possible violations.

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