Dental services in Bulgaria

For most of the Bulgarian citizens the dental services in Bulgaria are quite expensive. But for the foreigners Bulgaria is one of the cheapest destinations for dental tourism. While the economic crisis was enlarging, the searching of the cheap dental services in East Europe enlarged too. This is a great chance for Bulgaria to develop this sector. At this point the development of the dental tourism in the country is left only on some individual activities of some dentists like

The dental tourism is not a phenomenon. It exists from more than 20 years and has had a serious development. Bulgaria is maybe one of the last countries in Europe that can develop this tourism, because in countries like Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland the dental tourism is very well developed. The dental tourism in Bulgaria is developing by itself – many dentists receive patients from outside of the country. These patients can be Bulgarian citizens working outside of the country and going back for cheap dental treatment, or foreign citizens. The foreign citizens find the dentists in Bulgaria by advices from Bulgarian friends, or through web sides of good dental clinics like . The country is not making efforts for this, for example in Hungary there are whole associations for dental tourism.

So, what is the difference of the rates for dental services in Bulgaria and other countries?

The difference is huge. In Switzerland the rates are 10 times higher, in USA: 6 – 7 times, in Greece: 2 – 3 times. So we see many Greek citizens coming in Bulgaria for dental treatment too. Interesting fact is, that the qualification of the Bulgarian dentists is the same as these in the countries mentioned, but the rates are low, because the calculation of the labor is low. So, the presence of high quality dental services along with low rates is a great opportunity.

What kind of people are looking for dental treatment in Bulgaria?

These are in most cases UK citizens. Mainly people from the middle class in Europe that make a serious research of the dentistry market before to take the decision to have a treatment on East. A good advantage is that Bulgaria can be reached with a plain for about 2 hours from every point in Europe. many of the Bulgarian dental clinics like organize combined services: including flights, hotels, etc. We can use the experience of countries like Turkey, India, Thailand, etc. and to combine the dental treatment with spa procedures, ski or sea tourism, etc. We have the nature base, and we have the good authority of the Bulgarian dentist in the world too.

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