Dental tourism could be a pleasure – my dentist

Second day I have my teeth braces on: ?!

Spirit: I am not sure how I feel. May be like a teenager or may be tired is the right word. It is too early to be in a high spirit, but it is not hopelessly and the most important not depressed. I am happy to meet people although the ache.

Work: Answering the e-mails at the office I am scared when the phone rings as I can not speak very well (not clear enough), it is very difficult yet.

Eating: Boiled potatoes, mayonnaise and fruit juice of course. The milk and the yoghurt are another alternative. That’s enough it will not be so long. Yesterday I bought Vitamin C.

Remark: The “Aulin” I bought yesterday from the pharmacy works well and if I don’t eat too often (as often as usual) it’s fine, it’s like I feel normally.

Friends: The people I meet on the street where the office I work at is do not know about that and they do not see when I smile them so I must show them. The most of them were prepared to see it in advance.

Boyfriend: He knows that I am crazy and can not stop to repeat it. It’s the same with him now but he could not understand why I am nervous.

Amusements: Watching TV is fine for now if you have time as I spend it in front of the mirror or searching for people who share how they feel with their braces on at the very beginning.

Chatting with friends is also fine.

Sleeping: It’s fine if you take tablets against ache and you can dream how you will look when the orthodontic is ready with his/her work.

When do I need to visit the dentist again? After four weeks. … and I am looking forward to see him again. Hope he will wait for me with a big cup of cappuccino if not… I will buy it. What’s the next subject of our conversation? Clothes… and the teeth of course.

What if the ache is too strong or if you find you have a problem? Just call the dentist ANYTIME it would not be a problem.

The phone number? I already have plenty of cards; he gives you anytime you visit him. You can keep one just in any case.

What do the other people wearing braces share on the internet? It hurts and you feel nervous. If it is a child it does not feel ache. It’s much easier. After 16 you are old for orthodontist but it’s possible, more difficult but possible.

Am I sorry for that I did not prefer ceramic ones? Not yet… It’s still early…

Am I disappointed from anything? Not yet I will see later.

Is it worth to do it? Yes of course. And what’s the best- the ambition to change something you always wanted to change. And what if somebody tells you “Oh poor you” You will show him later… It is worth to take the challenge.

10.35 p.m. I take my “Aulin” and stop the TV set as well as my PC. It’s a time to brush my teeth once again and to go to bed now. It would be another long day tomorrow.

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