Developing the port of Balchik

Only 2 years after the marine port in Balchik was given to a private company, the total amount of investments have exceeded the agreed 1.097 million leva. That was announced by Krasimir Enchev, managing director of Port Balchik AD, the company entrusted with the concession of the facility.

Next week the assembling of new facilities for protecting the pier walls must start. A new heavy-duty lift for freight up to 6 000 kg is also about to be installed in May. According to the Enchev, in the next few months a new warehouse and a trestle will also be constructed. The expected cost of that part of the project is more than 700 thousand leva. These building works are part of the expansion project for the port. The operating company has already offered partnership programmes and joint investments plans to several of its biggest clients.

Port Balchik AD has been managing the marine facility since 2005 when it was granted concession rights for 25 years. The company won the competition with a development and expansion project for more than 3.4 million leva. Construction of a new terminal for shipping grain and agricultural products is the most important and expensive part of the investment plan.

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