Discount of 10 % of the real estates in Sofia for the last year

The average market rates on which have been made property deals in Sofia have decreased with 10.1 % for the last year. On the same base the rates of the real estates in Plovdiv have decreased with 2.6 %, and in Varna with 6.9 %.
Since the beginning of this year the property market is slowly stabilizing. The completed and well made projects in areas with good infrastructure and public transport keep the rates from the end of 2010 and attract new clients.

The discount of rates is mainly for new buildings in areas with bad infrastructure, panel buildings and old buildings without lift.
The market is influenced mainly by clients who search home for themselves and want the best for their money. The buyers choice is determined mainly by the budget, the clients think a lot before make the decision to invest. They cam make compromise with the poor infrastructure or the bad quality of building only if the rates are quite lower than the average in the area.

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