Dryanovo monastery

For the incoming Easter many people would like to visit some place representing the history of the Bulgarian Orthodox Christian religion, so we have a proposal. The Dryanovo monastery is a functioning male Bulgarian Orthodox monastery located in North Bulgaria, 5 kilometers Southeast from the town of Dryanovo and 15 kilometers from the town of Gabrovo. The monastery is located close to the main road Rousse – Svilengrad, so it is very easy to find.

This place has a lot of history. The first people resident here date from the prehistoric times. The oldest signs of human life here date from 100 000 – 10 000 years BC in the cave Bacho Kiro.
The medieval Monastery “St. Archangel Michail” is built in the times of Tzar Kaloyan. In the Ottoman empire, like the other monasteries it is a shelter of the Bulgarian spirit. Many rebellions like Vassil Levski have found cover there. In the preparation for the uprising in April 1876 there have been stored a lot of food, weapons and ammunitions. On 29th of April 1876 the rebellion unit of Pop Hariton enters into the monastery and after nine days of siege and battle with the turks most of the rebellion die for the freedom of Bulgaria. The destroyed and fired monastery is rebuilt partially in 1877.

Today the Dryanovo monastery is one of the ten most important sanctuaries of the Bulgarian Orthodox church, and also one of the preferred destinations for Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

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