If you manage to relocate to Bulgaria with your children, the school is one more thing you have to think for. In most villages there are no schools, some buses drive the children to the nearest school and back.
In the mountain areas the nearest school is not near at all, so especially in the winter your children will have problems reaching school in time. So, if you want to relocate to Bulgarian villages with your children ,you’ d better search for villages close to municipality centers with schools, and your life will be much easier. Unfortunately, the most beautiful places are in the mountains, far from big towns, so in any case you must make some compromise.
The good high schools in the most cases are located in the province administrative centers, in the small towns the quality of the education is questionable. So, in case you want to relocate to Bulgaria with children, you must keep in mind all these details.

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    Yes, it is. There are good possibilities for internet connection even in the small villages, for the towns it is not a problem at all.

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