Elin Pelin becomes the warehouse of Bulgaria

The town of Elin Pelin becomes the warehouse base of Bulgaria. On the territory of the municipality there are already depots of companies like LIDL, BILLA, PENNY MARKET and Caven Orbico, and in the middle of May the Belgian distributor of fresh and frozen foods UNIVEG opened its logistic and distribution center near the town.

The mayor of the town announced that there will be built base of the chain of stores PICADILLY in the industrial area “Park Sofia – East”. In the moment the distributor of sanitary JESSICA is building base there too.

The logistic operators have positive attitudes for the development of the business in 2011, shows research of Colliers International between 70 companies in the country. None of the companies researched expects lower sells in this year, accordingly to the last year when one third of the companies had negative attitudes.

For second year the strongest parts of the sector are the companies for fast selling goods, pharmacy and medical goods. Most common are the own distribution centers, after that are the rented one.

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