Employers are against the rising of the pension contributions

The president of the Bulgarian economic chamber Bozhidar Danev announced that the employers are absolutely against the rising of their part of the pension contributions.

Danev announced in interview for the state radio BNR that the employers have been always against the rising of any taxes. He thinks that the government is too pliable for the syndicates, without keeping the interest of the employers that create the labor possibilities in the country.

Danev thinks, that there is no dialogue in the three – side commission, including the employers, the syndicates and the government.

The Bulgarian government announced intentions to raise the pension contributions with 1.8 % for fixing the balance of the National Social Security Institute, which is on deficit right now. The government intends to raise the part of the pension contributions that is owned by the employers, which they think will decrease the workplaces because less employees will be earned.

Danev said that in times of heavy financial and economic crisis it is not a good moment to enlarge the taxes for the business.

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