Every fourth young in Bulgaria is unemployed

“I don’t like the job or the job doesn’t like me” This joke between the young people costs too much to Bulgaria. Accordingly to the last researches almost 30 % of the people under 25 years do not work at all. And this lost number of people has its cost. For Bulgaria it is 2.5 billion leva in 2011, almost 3 % of the GDP. 317 000 young people in Bulgaria between 15 and 29 years are not involved in education or working process. This makes 26. 4 %.

The percent gives the country first place in this category. And since 2008 this percent has a growth of one third. In the whole European Union this group of people known as NEET includes 14 million people and costs 3 billion EUR per week.

The official statistics even don’t say enough, because the so called faithless people are not included. These people are not part of the employment power at all because they don’t search for work. In Bulgaria almost 80 % of the people in the NEET group have possibility to begin work, but they are faithless and they don’t search for work. And this percent is record for the European Union too.

What are the factors for this phenomenon? People with low education have three times more chance to become part of this group than university degree people. Emigrate origin, family with low budget, bad family relations, living in far low inhabited places and physical disabilities are another factors that push the people to become part of NEET.

The people in NEET are low interested in the politics and almost do not participate in the social life. The problem is not only for the individual person, but for the whole society and economy too, as the young people do not produce GDP.

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