First grand commercial complex in Rousse

Grand ceremony gave the start of the biggest commercial center in Rousse – Grand Plaza. The development has unique features, combining retail and office spaces, a gym and a hotel. The property will be one of its kind in the area.

Construction works are expected to take two and a half years with a completion deadline in 2010. All facilities should start in autumn 2010. Total investment costs are estimated at 70 million euro.
The whole property will include sports facilities on area of 26 000 sq.m, a shopping center ( a mall ) with retail space of 37 500 sq.m for rent, a five-star hotel on 13 000 sq.m and top-class office premises spreading on 11 000 sq.m.

The total built area is estimated at 140 000 sq.m. The project is said to combine innovative professional planning and is a perfect example of how the private sector and the municipal administration can co-operate. The ceremony was attended by Rousse’s mayor Bozhidar Yotov and the Deputy Prime-Minister Ivailo Kalfin.

Investors of the expensive project are two private companies – Dency M (leaders in importing and trade with electronic household equipment) and Prista Oil. The rest of the funds are provided by the municipal administration.

Rousse’s mayor experssed his sincere hopes that this project will help to deepen the social and economic relations between Bulgaria and Romania and that it is a sure sign that the city will improve its economic positions and modern looks.

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