Free Sofia Tour

What do you know about Sofia?

You can hear this question every day in front of the palace of justice in Sofia. A bunch of young people, volunteers, organize and guide for free foreigners through the capital of Bulgaria every day. The tours begin in 11:00 and 18:00 in front of the palace of justice.

For more than year a team of about ten people spears its free time to show Sofia to the foreigners – the city as it is, with all its faces. Free Sofia Tour begins simultaneously. Every guide – volunteer has different motivation to do this for free. The common thing between all is, that they are people who have been living long time outside Bulgaria and who want to do something different in their free time.

The local people know about the huge tourist potential of Sofia. But for the tourists there are very few signs showing clear the remarkable things in the city. This is the reason that few of the tourists come for reason in Sofia, for most of them this is just a short stop on the way to Istanbul or Athens. For example, a few percent of the tourists know that in the center of the city there are mineral springs. They are very surprised, that there is a possibility to drink and fill in mineral water for free in the center of the capital of Bulgaria. And there are many other nice surprises for the tourists that they can miss during visiting Sofia. This is the main aim of Free Sofia Tour – to show all the different faces of the big and ancient city

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