Freedom House: Bulgaria is a free country

Bulgaria is among the free countries, the research institute Freedom House announced in the annual report.
Free countries are also Serbia, Montenegro and all countries in the European Union. There is no data for our neighbor countries Greece and Turkey. FYROM, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina are partially free.

The report says that the economic crisis became a challenge for the development of the political rights and people’ s freedom in the countries from Central and East Europe and the Baltic states. The Baltic countries and some of the ex – communist countries in Central Europe were hit very hard from the crisis. The progress of the democratic changes in these countries was supported by the membership of the EU institutions, but in some of these countries there is regress. Freedom House gives Latvia and Hungary as examples.

The institute uses three categories. The countries with large political competition, civil rights and free medias are free. Partial free are the countries with some restrictions of the political and civil rights.
These restrictions are managed in case of strong corruption, weak institutions, ethnic problems or civil wars. As such countries are mentioned Armenia and Georgia. The countries that do not keep the political rights and interrupt the civil freedom are in the category “not free” .

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