Growing rates in East Europe

Most of the real estate markets in East Europe leave the crisis behind. The rates and rents of all sector in the industry in Bulgaria and Hungary are expected to grow in the next 12 months.


The real estate rates in Czech Republic are expected to grow too, but the expectation for the renting rates are not clear in all sectors. In Romania is expected slowing of the selling rates growth and decline of the renting rates.

The four countries have quite different economics, but the expectations are for economical growth in the next one year. This does not include Bulgaria because of the unstable political situation and bank sector.

The searching grows in all sectors in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, especially for offices in Bulgaria and for trade spaces in Hungary.

In Bulgaria and Hungary is expected growing of the renting rates in the office, industrial and trade sectors in the next 12 months. In Czech Republic the prognosis in this sector is for decline.

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