Health care in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Ministry of health care is responsible for the health politic at national level, for the control of the health institutions and for the education of the health care staff. The Ministry of health is financing the emergency departments, the dispensaries for strong diseases (mostly oncologies) and the activities of the municipal hospitals in far and difficult to reach areas. The Ministry is owner of part of some hospitals- mostly the university hospitals. The ministry also pays the life – saving medicines with money from the National health insurance fund.

Since year of 2000 in Bulgaria is operating National health insurance fund – It is founded at 15. 03. 1999. , but is operating from 01. 07. 2000.

The Ministry of labor and social policy also has a deal in the health care system. It has a fund with 5 millions leva for paying the treatment of poor persons that do not have health insurance and can not pay them. If such person goes into the hospital, he fills a declaration and after checking his properties the social fund transfers the money to the hospital.

When the patient visits medic or dentist he pays user fee, fixed as 1 % of the minimal wage. Some medics and dentists do not insist user fee. The user fee is made to reduce the unnecessary patient’ s visits. Some groups of patients are free from paying of user fee- children younger than 18 years, patients with heavy chronic diseases, etc.

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