Hisar is a town located in the middle of South Bulgaria. It is known with its 22 minerals springs located in small area, which have different chemical structure, temperature and healing features. The first organized spa healing in Bulgaria is made in Hisar. The mineral springs in Hisar are different that these in the other Bulgarian spa resorts with its unique healing features. All of the 22 springs is different that the others and is useful for healing of different diseases.
The water from the mineral spring Momina banya is with the highest content of Radon and with temperature of 47 per Celsius which makes it most useful for urological diseases and diseases of the bones and muscles. The water from this spring is with low mineral content, without color and smell and with good taste. The first chemical analysis of water in Bulgaria is made at this spring in 1832, and this is the beginning of the organized spa tourism.
The history of the town is very long. The good weather and the mineral waters have been attracting people from thousand of years. The first village there has been existing 5000 – 4000 years BC. Later there has been a Thracian village.

After the invasion of the Roman empire in the year of 46 AD there has been built a big Roman town. In 293 the Roman emperor Diocletian builds a huge fortress there, one of the biggest in Europe. On some places the fortress wall is 11 meters high.
Today along with the many historical monuments Hisar is a modern spa center with many hotels giving opportunities for spa procedures, and is proffered tourist destination.

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