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I have just received an urgent telephone calling at the office. It’s X-mas holiday but like nowhere in the world we have two working days between Christmas and New Year celebrations. Who was on the phone? A Bulgarian who is driving on the way from Varna to Kazanlak (the place where our head office is located) together some English looking for properties.

I booked a double room at he most expensive hotel in the town. By the way it is a good idea for a hotel suggestion here in case you wish to stay in Kazanlak or if you have some work to do here or may be for some friends of you. If you look through the internet the hotel you will find is Kazanlak. It’s a big and white one located on the same squire of the town. Unfortunately it is too big and it is very difficult to be maintained. So you might feel a little uncomfortable there. Where to go?

There is a hotel on the center named Palas, which is with three stars but you would fall in love with it. Note that it is the most expensive one in the town but I think that some 90BGN (30GBP) for a double room with a breakfast included is more then a better price. If not you can visit “Teres” hotel which is double cheaper and comfortable enough. The price also includes a breakfast. How to find them? Search with Palas Kazanlak or Teres Kazanlak if not just contact me I will help you. We could drink some coffee at the lobby bar later. It’s not a joke.

It’s 3p.m. They should be here. What’s the matter? Where are they? It’s half past 3p.m. and the driver is telephoning me that they will be late as the journey is not as fast as they expected. I told him where will wait them so they just need to give me a call about the expected time they will arrive.

They are here waiting in front of the big white hotel on the squire. They are bored and tired because the driver was a new one and did not know the way so he was confused and they traveled 7hours. You can imagine how they feel. We are now in Palas hotel for the registration after that the English visitors will take a shower and I will come again to arrange the details for tomorrow together.

It’s a long story… I swear… They have seen more then 70 properties including rural houses and development land, but they still have not found the right one for them. What’s their story? Once they were on their holiday and understood that they spend more money to have a holiday somewhere in Europe instead of that to get their new home for holiday in Bulgaria. They like the nature and wish a property located in a very calm place such as a quit village or close to a village.

They came to the office and I showed them the interesting properties according to their criteria. They wish a Mountain View. Ski paths in 50km radius would be a plus. Tomorrow is my colleague’s day. He will show them. Honestly they are little disappointed I will not be with them tomorrow. They like me and trust me. The lady (they are a couple) is a detective so she asked me so many questions as I am at police office. I took the test(exam) she likes me know. The gentleman with her is very big. I am scared and careful. He is an ex boss of a fire station in England. He thrust his honey. She thrusts me so he thrusts me too.

What’s their impression about Bulgaria? They like it. They could come for holiday very often and they prefer Mountain as they live in a sea city in England. They wish the property for letting in so they prefer a well developed region and a village and a house in a good condition instead of a poor condition one. On our way back we drove them back to the hotel to sleep as they are tired for walking. It’s nice and snowing here the hotel is a perfect one so they like it.
Another adventure starts!

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