Huge decline of new office buildings

Significant decline of creation of office buildings is noticed for the second three months of this year. The issued licenses for properties are 38.8 % less, and the started new buildings are 44.4 % less, says the statistics. From April to June local administrations have issued licenses for building of 1228 new new edifices with 3577 flats and 472 081 square meters total area, for 41 office buildings with 22 838 square meters total area, and for other 1288 buildings with 552 242 square meters total area.

The highest numbers of licenses for new buildings for living are in Plovdiv – 179,Bourgas – 177, Varna – 144, Sofia – 103. The highest numbers of planned new flats are in Bourgas – 1584, Varna – 466, Sofia – 268, Plovdiv – 252 and Blagoevgrad – 129.

In the second three months is started the building of 683 buildings for living with 2105 flats and 251 701 square meters of total area, of 20 administrative buildings with 5 708 square meters total area, and 579 other buildings with 269 870 square meters total area.

According to the second three months of 2011 the creation of living buildings has decline of 6.7 %, of administrative buildings – 44.4 % and of other buildings – 14.6%.

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